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Top Climate Denier Seeks Help in Double-barrel Courtroom Shootout

By John O. Sullivan (another curbside crackpot)

Esteemed climate scientist, Tim Ball faces two costly courtroom libel battles. Here he reveals his concerns and appeals for help with his legal fees.
Dr. Tim Ball is widely recognized as one of Canada’s first qualified climate scientists and has long been one of the most prominent skeptics taking a stand on corruption and unethical practices. Two exponents of the global warming scare Ball has targeted, professors Michael Mann and Andrew Weaver, are now suing him for libel.

Many suspect the David Suzuki Foundation is funding Vancouver libel specialist, Roger D. McConchie who is representing both Weaver and Mann against Ball. Suzuki is reported as wanting
liars skeptics like Ball “put in prison.”

Savvy skeptics suspect that Ball, a 72-year-old
prisoner pensioner, was singled out as a target because he has no big corporate backers and will capitulate under the emotional and financial strain before the case even gets to trial as his legal fees spiral. Such a fate befell Ball in a prior libel suit in 2006.
But buoyed by the public sympathy Ball is now gaining he is confident an appeal for donors will make all the difference. He is adamant that this is the perfect opportunity skeptics have been waiting for to expose climate change fraud in a court of law and he won’t be bounced out of this most crucial contest.

Schweinsgruber asks: what is the definition of ‘widely recognised’? Bad for Tim Ball, climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg for 28 years, that he has no corporate backing whatsoever. Good for warmists Weaver and Mann that they have infinite funds from the global warming corporations, the IPCC, NATO, the Vatican, and Nutella. Calgary oil barons, why don't you pass a basket for Tim around in church. Dear Friends of Science, please help your coolist advisor with your corporate donations, just broadcast your goofy radio ads less frequently.