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Welcome to GeoCanada 2010

Welcome to Calgary! From Monday to Friday, thousands of so-called scientists are meeting in Calgary to discuss advances in Earth Sciences. Scientists? Well not all of the delegates are. As discussed here before, there is a session on 'Climate Change Through Time' on Tuesday afternoon. One talk by a so-called 'Friend of Science', a member of a local group that takes a partisan stand on climate change and conveys pseudo-science, was already questioned here and here.

Another questionable talk is by Babalola et al. (coauthored by Tim Patterson, another notorious climate change denier). It promotes the usual 'its the sun, hon'. Interestingly, Iain Stewart will be a keynote speaker in another session, the guy who brought us ‘Earth: The Climate Wars' on BBC.

If you are at the conference, please attend the climate change session and ask some critical questions.