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Tom Harris endorses Science by Petition

Dear Tom,
The laws of physics do not rely on polls. And the don’t rely on opinion either. I am afraid, nature is not democratic. But, according to Doran & Kendall (2009) 97% of all publishing climate scientists [=experts] agree scientifically that AGW is real. This figure does not include the scientific opinions of mechanical engineers.

Tom, have you seen, on the other hand, a consensus of the deniers? While McLean et al. purported to show that ENSO, a phenomenon of tropical origin, has been exporting heat to the rest of the planet so efficiently it’s been responsible for almost all global temperature change since 1958, Lindzen & Choi implicitly assumed that tropical heat hasn’t been exported anywhere except into space. And the Friends of Science claim that temperature change is all because of the sun. Can’t accuse the deniers of being inconsistent. Well, you’ll find the papers in question once you get a library card.

For the lesser informed: Tom Harris is a Canadian mechanical engineer and director of the ‘international climate coalition’. He could equally well be a climatologist and the director of the international mechanical engineering coalition. But he is not, because such an organization does not exist. Engineer Tom publishes on climate science in the Financial Post - no joke! As we figured out, the Financial Post is a poor mechanical engineering magazine, however excellent in climate science and, marginally, in financial issues.