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AGW Disprovers getting younger; Fetal Disproof imminent

In 2007, Kristen Byrnes disproved Anthropogenic Global Warming at the tender age of 15. Then, in 2010, AGW was disproved (again!), this time by a 4th grader in Texas. Anybody spot a trend here? Well, John Mashey did. Quote-mining Mashey:
“Do people recall Ponder the Maunder, with then 15-year-old Kristen Byrnes the superheroine of climate anti-science? She was widely promoted. She disproved AGW (before taking physics, calculus, statistics, presumably)?
This was in 2007, when she was 15, I think.
Now in 2010, we see that a 4th-grader has disproved AGW. I assume 4th-grade means about 10.
Defying the wrath of those that might insist that 2 points are insufficient to obtain a statistically valid trend, since others do this all the time, and since I am at least not cherry-picking, but using the entire data set:
2007 15
2010 10

I compute the slope is -1.66 year of age per calendar year, although I did no further analysis.
Put another way, in about 6 years, some unborn baby will disprove AGW just before birth…”

Now I know that many of us skeptical-deniers prefer graphic visualization to dry tables of values, so here’s a chart for you.


Well, that’s quite the decline! Golly, by late 2016 we can look forward to the first disproof of AGW by a zygote.
Of course, alarmist apparatchiks will leave no decline untricked and
Michael Tobis does not disappoint. Claiming to have first “discovered” a letter awarding Julisa an NSF science-fair prize and then—surprise, surprise-- showing it to be a forgery, he succeeds in pulling off an ad puellam attack designed to draw attention away from addressing the scientific merits of Julisa’s disproof. Indeed, a new low, Michael.