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Snowiest Global Warming ever

The nutcrackers morons blog scientists from 'Watts Up With That’ have started censoring/clipping comments using the word 'denial' ('d-word' in their lingo). In the related article it is said that the snowfall [area] in the northern hemisphere was the largest on record from October through March. It is tacitly concluded from - we are not sure - that this proves that AGW or GW are generally not true. No statement is made on the correlation of the precipitation in the NORTHERN hemisphere and GLOBAL temperatures. Their claim is underlain, amongst others,  by pictures of snowfall outside the houses of parliament in London, and of some romantic winter wonderland scene somewhere else in the northern hemisphere.

We beg to differ based on a nativity scene we found in the Erzgebirge of former communist East Germany. This scene, which protrays the 24th December, clearly shows palm trees. We further found evidence of severe winter weather in a snow globe. From this we conclude that global warming is true, but that there are nevertheless small areas of strong winter precipitation.

Recent UAH satellite temperatures support this as they constitute the warmest April-March global temperatures on record, which indicates that there may be is no positive correlation between northern hemisphere snow extent (2-D) and global temperatures.