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The Cold Sun continues to misrepresent Data

The Cold Sun blog continues to equate long-term and short-term trends, i.e. apples and oranges. But: a single stair is not a whole staircase, friends. Hey, and the uppermost stair gives you a better view than the lowermost one.


We can do that, too. Here our reinterpretation:


We conclude:
  • The Nazis, not the sun, stabilized Germany's climate in the early 20th century
  • This stable period lasted for approximately 1000 years and explains the Nordic race farming Greenland
  • The Nazis concluded that CO is the more effective greenhouse gas compared to CO2
  • The bombing of Germany resulted in a steep cooling trend through the emission of particles into the atmosphere
  • Weaker cooling trends in Germany resulted from subsequent bombings of more distal regions (Korea, Vietnam, etc.)
  • Recent cooling is related to the re-unification of Germany (with a ten-year lag), all caused by cosmic rays related to the destruction of Alderaan