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Monckton Channels FoGT

We have long suspected that when Viscount Monckton makes an utterance, there is more meaning buried in his message than can be discerned from the face value of his words [I would bloody well hope so-ed.]. Indeed, in the first minute of his latest missive, his lordship apparently speaks the words “the true believers in the new religion of climate change”, whereas he is actually implying something else entirely. Using the advanced closed-captioning technology of YouTube (click the red “cc” icon), the world’s super computers render this phrase into the text shown in the subtitle in the still from Monckton’s movie.


We heartily thank the good lord for acknowledging our humble blog, albeit subliminally. And, should the House of Lords succumb to the manufactured hysteria that is anthropogenic climate change by sanctioning poor Christopher Monckton, he can at least be assured that he has Friends here. After all, nobody has done more to demonstrate the true worth of climate change skepticism than he.

h/t Peter Hartmann aka
Captain Pithart