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Rex Murphy's Calgary Climate Denial barely successful

McEwan Hall at the University of Calgary during Rex Murphy's presentation.

Rex Murphy spoke at McEwan Hall of the University of Calgary yesterday and everybody came. Len Maier of the Friends of Science expected a crowd of 1000, mostly students. The approximately 27 Friends of Science congested the entrance with their walkers, wheel chairs, and oxygen tanks so that many students were turned away by the wait. There were not enough adult diapers supplied by the sponsor (Talisman Energy) and the resulting mess caused a delay for the 57 attendants. We were surprised that the University tolerated this spectacle on their property, considering their recent encounter with the Friends of Science.

The above photo shows Barry Cooper's and Rex Murphy's vehicles used for transport to and from the arena (in the bad ground), the cost of which was
once again funnelled through the University's accounting system. FoGT obtained receipts according to which Rex Murphy obtained a Black Forest cuckoo clock, a pound of butter, two dozen eggs, a frozen chicken, and a hand-carved nutcracker, all purchased at Edelweiss Imports in Calgary.

Nobody from FoGT was present at Rex's talk - they are not retired or studying, no they had to work (in the oil patch). We sent Roger's hairdresser instead, who involved Rex in a lively discussion on climate change. NASA did not care. Neither did the climatologists all around the world. But FoGT visited McEwan hall later that day to attend a concert of the
Arctic Murphys Monkeys, while Rex was in a shuttle bus on his way back to the airport. Rex, you will have more success at the Heartland Institute's climate change denial conference next time.

Here Roger's take on it (the New Testament has even four takes on the same):

Today, professional opinion-giver Rex Murphy and his entourage the Dropkick Monkeys (or is it the Arctic Murphys), otherwise known as the Friends of Science, arrived in these enormous trucks and performed at the University of Calgary, negating all recent climate science research, changing the laws of physics and reversing global warming purely by the strength of their debate. We imagine this news will not be carried by Rex’s erstwhile employer, socialist State television, but we’re sure the media’s real organs of truth will be carrying the ‘debate’ in full.

Unfortunately not being retired and having to work for a living, we at Friends of Gin and Tonic were unable to attend. We welcome summaries of this momentous event from anybody who was fortunate enough to be there. Were you
raptured? Did you see God? Spread the word! And tell us who paid.