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Norm Kalmanovitch's Fuzzy Logic at the University of Calgary

Friends of Science scientific advisor Norm Kalmanovitch [our bio] spoke to Earth Science students and faculty in a packed Tom Oliver Lecture Theatre in the University of Calgary’s Earth Science Building on Friday, 6 March 2015.

In his 40 minute presentation
[abstract] Norm threw an indigestible amount of graphs and text slides at the audience which, together with his rambling, made it impossible to follow the argument in detail. Since it was not much different from his GeoCanada 2010 talk, you may want to check the scientific shortcomings revealed then.

Norm pulled all the usual
zombie arguments out of his bag that have been refuted over and over again. In the end, our bullshit detector overheated. For example:

He still maintains that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is negligible. We beg to
differ. And if you think that humans cannot influence climate, think of the ozone hole.

Norm’s world has been cooling since 2002 - climate change over. No science needed to refute this - just ask anybody who earns their money in the insurance industry.

He claimed that, during
the medieval warm period, the world was much warmer than today. Not true - the medieval warm period was restricted to northern Europe - while the world as a whole showed a cooling anomaly (Mann et al. 2009).


Norm further claimed that the IPCC renamed global warming to climate change in order cover up cooling. Not true - it was Frank Luntz, advisor to the George W. Bush re-relection campaign to hide Bush’s poor environmental record.

The hockey stick is fabricated (Norm got irate when somebody claimed otherwise). In reality, the hockey stick was
replicated in a number of proxy studies.

The earth has been cooling since 2002. In comparison, FoGT showed here that New Zealand has been cooling consistently since 1909 and how any trend can be interpreted as a cooling trend - always.

Norm also tried to make us believe that climate science has not evolved since the early 1980s. In reality, he harped on outdated studies while not bothering updating his knowledge in a science library.

He ‘algored’ the audience, diagnostic for a far right-wing attitude. ‘Algore’ is an activist and the laws of physics do not rely on him. He also ‘
michaelmanned’ us. The argument should be ad rem and not ad hominem.

Norm’s talk was followed by a 70 min animated and very entertaining discussion. In the end, he did himself no favour by telling a science crowd that science is generally rigged (and must have been rigged globally for decades in order to produce a broad internally consistent body of science that is inconsistent with his calculations).

If you missed the event, you will soon be able to download the audio recording here in two mp3 files:

1. Norm’s presentation with question period 1 starting at 42:30
2. Question period 2
Stay tuned - we are presently processing the soundfiles!

All 37 FoGT contributors were in the audience. We enjoyed ourselves and thank the Earth Science Department for such great entertainment at times when there is little else to laugh about.