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Earthquake Strikes Eastern US – ‘Fracking’ Implicated

Tuesday, August 23 - A magnitude 5.8 earthquake today struck the US East Coast and Canada from Virginia to Toronto, shaking buildings including the White House and forcing evacuation of the Pentagon and US Capitol.

There were no immediate reports of major damage or injuries from the quake, which the
US Geological Survey said was centred in Mineral, Virginia, between Charlottesville and Richmond, close to anticlerical president Thomas Jefferson’s historic homestead at Monticello.

Washington office workers scurried into the streets after the quake, which lasted for about five seconds and sent items crashing to the floor from store and office shelves.

Tremors shook New York City office buildings, prompting evacuations of courthouses, City Hall and halting work at the World Trade Center construction site, officials and witnesses said.

It was not immediately clear if there was any damage or injuries in New York, but fire department and police officials in Dutchess County, north of New York City, reported structural damage to some buildings.

A spokesman for the city transit agency said the quake was felt but declined immediate comment on whether the subway system was affected.

Control towers at John F. Kennedy airport and Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey were also evacuated.

Buildings in Boston were evacuated, while a witness said the quake was felt as far away as Toronto.

Experts speculate that the quake, centred at ~6 km depth, was caused by hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking' at depths of 2-3000 m a mere 300 km away in Pennsylvania. There has been no immediate reaction from the coal lobby's anti-gas PR machine, but it is expected to call for an immediate ban on the practice until evidence linking it conclusively to the quake can be fabricated.

Other experts say it is a sign that God is angry at the recent expansion of the US debt ceiling and at East Coast presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for accepting 'scientific' evidence on evolution and anthropogenic global warming.