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Denialist Senator Dumped as Threat to National Security

Senator Cory Bernardi a leading Australian greenhouse denialist , has been dropped from his role as parliamentary secretary to the leader of the opposition following comments during the debate on gay marriage.

In contrast, his fellow denialist, senator Ron Boswell, famous for launcing Ian Plimer's book,
joined the gay marriage debate with a speech devoid of both inflammatory comment, non-inflammatory comment (not to mention coherence), promping questions about whether the senator was senile or pissed (or both).

Senator Bernardi had compared homosexuality to bestiality and polygamy. While the official story for domestic consumption is that these comparisons were unduly insulting to homosexuals, the real motivation was the concern about the international repercussions of denigrating bestiality and polygamy.

With widespread muslim protests already spreading around the globe, denigration of polygamy was seen as unecessarily inflammatory at this time. Senator Bernardi had already called for a reduction of
Islamic influence in Australia, troubled by arabic influences such as algebra, Al Quaeda, algorithms and Al Gore.

However it is the defence implications of Senator Bernardi's recent remarks that are most important. A cornerstone of Australia's defence has been the
ANZUS treaty that formalised the alliance forged in World War two and which saw Australian troops fighting in Vietnam alongside the USA and New Zealand and taking casualties from both allies. Thus Senator Bernardi's denigration of bestiality was seen as undermining Australia's links with the sheepshaggers on the other side of the Tasman Sea. Similarly, with the US possibly about to elect a Mormon president, condemning polygamy at this time was a diplomatic gaffe.

Clearly Senator Bernardi lacks a proper appreciation of relativity of evil in spite of many examples of clear guidance.
Pope Benedict has led the way, expressing his condemnation of
sexual abuse of children in the strongest possible terms, by equating it to the ordination of women. Similarly, assassination of the Pope was, in 1954, equated to the terrible evil of writing about Christ's foreskin by having both activities punished by vitandi, the most severe form of excommunication, Senator Bernardi's unsound comparisons have distracted attention from his party's attack on the evil at the heart of the Australian Labor government, headed by a prime minister who co-habits with a hair-dresser.

Because, as clearly explained in
Leviticus (ch 18, v22 and ch19 v 27), homosexuality is as evil as haircuts.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz. Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ