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New Book reveals polymathic Genius of Hayekist Scientists

In "Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists obscured Truth on Issues for Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming" Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway reveal the scale of genius of a small core of scientists displaying innovative breadth unmatched since the Renaissance.

Following the
Hayekist principle: "Any science that implies the need for regulation must be wrong", these scientists have achieved a series of breakthroughs, demonstrating the safety of environmental tobacco smoke, the non-existence of the ozone hole, the feasibility of SDI (Star Wars), the continued effectiveness of DDT in the face of evolved resistance and, of course, refuting global warming.  For global warming they display the full strength of the Hayekist approach, going far beyond the conventional: "The warming is caused by the Sun and it isn't happening".

Their work goes far beyond the natural sciences and into the socio-political realm where they have proved to be even more effective at detecting communism that the late Joseph McCarthy.

The awesome scope of these achievements leaves Oreskes and Conway doubting where such a small group could actually display such brilliance, but the evidence that they present speaks for itself.