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Alberta Party denies Climate Change

The leader of this party, Danielle Smith, says about CO2:

“...The discussion surrounding global warming has become highly emotional.
There is obviously still healthy scientific debate as to the extent manmade emissions of CO2 are affecting global temperatures – and this debate will likely carry on for many years.

As a province we must strike the delicate balance between promoting out of precaution a practical reduction of CO2 emissions
while ignoring the environmental extremists that would have us needlessly overreact to the severe detriment of our economy.

It is thus important that government avoid enacting CO2 reduction policies for the sake of simply appearing to be doing something.

The PC Government’s reckless insistence on funnelling $2 billion into various potentially dangerous mass carbon capture and storage projects is one very expensive example of such.

And more puzzling still, the current government undermines its stated goal of reducing CO2 emissions by their ramming of Bill 50 through the Legislature in 2009.

This legislation actually accelerates the massive overbuild of new transmission lines largely for CO2-intensive coal fire electric generation; this despite the emergence of locally generated, cost effective and clean burning natural gas power plants as well as other renewable alternatives.

Albertans want a government that will implement practical strategies to improve air quality, increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and stimulate economic growth while providing tangible benefits for its citizens.

This PC Government has failed miserably in this regard...”

Err... didn’t that sound like Bush’s clean air act? We say: “Scary that such crazies attempt to be a mainstream political party!”

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