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Taking the Piss out of Marc Morano's Heartland Talk

Here we present 3 slides from spin doctor blog scientist Marc Morano’s talk at the recent Science-Alarmism conference. The first slide shows some dudes urinating and the other two constitute (more) character assassinations of Al Gore and Michael Mann. Yes, we know, this is cherry picking - the slides may not be representative of the whole. There may be some really good science in there - or even a golden shower. Very likely. Check it out! The whole powerpoint file of Marc Morano’s presentation is here. Hey, wasn’t Marc the guy who called for the flogging of climatologists? You always know who to take for granted.

In the meantime, Roger Romney-Hughes went to the library to photocopy the best piss pictures and character assassinations from ‘Science’ and ‘Nature’.

Update: We understand that it is a big deal for an uptight, religious republican to make a joke about..errr...urinating. Soon a joke about ‘sex’ will follow. Ooohhhh, how daring, how liberal! Marc, you may remove the parting on your head for carnival.