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Jaws of Denial

Denial Depot, our esteemed fellow skeptical climate denial blogger has a wonderful post , illustrating how alarmists scheme to manufacture scares, predatory fish in his chosen case. He shows how self-appointed experts, playing on our primal fears, jump to conclusions, ignore competing hypotheses and misrepresent evidence to promote their political agendas.

FoGT would add one more argument, based on concentrations. The biomass of marine fish is estimated at 800-2000 billion tonnes; let’s say 1.4x1012 kg. This mass can be divided by the mass of the oceans, approximately 1.4x1021 kg. This means that the fish concentration in the ocean is approximately 0.001 ppm. This should be compared with the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere of 389 ppm—and they call that a trace gas! But it’s even worse: there are approximately 32,000 species of fish, among which only 360 are sharks and among those only four of those are anthropophagic. However you do the math, the concentration of man-eating fish in the ocean is dilute to a homeopathic degree and there is therefore no reason at all for us to suppose that sharks could in any way pose a threat.


The alarmists don’t have a leg to stand on. Source

An important caveat needs to be made here, however. Peter Benchley’s book and the movie made out of it are works of fiction, much like the IPCC reports and al-Gore’s notorious movie. Perhaps we skeptical deniers would be best to confine our attention to works of impeccable documentary research like State of Fear by Michael Crichton, who was so memorably presented with its Journalism Award by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in 2006. Since making that courageous stand, incidentally, the AAPG has been blackmailed by its alarmist members into adopting a cowardly agnostic stance on climate change.