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Heartland Anti-Climate Conference gets underway

Today, the 6th anti-climate science conference of the Heartland Institute gets underway in Washington, D.C.. Here the program, which features the finest crackpots blog scientists around. This year’s motto is “The IPCC - a bunch of warmist commies” “Greenies in NASA” “Restoring the scientific method.” And indeed their scientific method needs much restoring. Your chance to see the who-is-who of climate change denial in one location, featuring our beloved Tom Harris, Anthony Watts, Tim Ball, Pat Michaels, Roy Spencer, Fred Singer, Marc Morano, James Dellingpole, Nicola Scafetta, etc. The conference is kicked off with a mass in the nearby Baptist church and will be concluded by a joint visit of this weekend’s NASCAR race. Donations to the Republican Party are gratefully accepted.

All presenters also participate in a parallel Heartland conference “Unfeathered free market economy - how
Manchester capitalism works for us but not for all of us” in the same building complex.