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Letter to Dr. Chris de Freitas

[We have not received an answer by Dr. de Freitas]

Dear Dr. de Freitas,
In a recent paper by McLean et al. (2009)  it is claimed that climate change is largely triggered by SOI (Southern Oscillation Index). You are the second author. But you are also a scientific advisor to the "Friends of Science (FoS)" in Calgary. The FoS claim on their website...
...and they have extensive ramblings in support of this on their website and in the CSPG's Reservoir magazine. This is in stark contradiction with the McLean et al. paper. 
The McLean et al. paper has been refuted on the grounds of removing the long-term trend, and thus the effect of greenhouse gases.  J. McLean defends his standpoint with the statement:
"If the SOI accounts for short-term variation then logically it also accounts for long-term variation."
While this makes no sense at all, it further opposes the idea of the FoS that the sun drives climate change at all time scales.
My question to you: what drives climate change in your opinion and/or according to your scientific knowledge? McLean et al.'s  SOI or the Friends of Science's sun?
I look forward to your reply!