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The HeartDickland Institute

The HeartDickland Institute

Christopher Hitchens, the late lamented pundit, God-denier and scourge of Saddam Hussein, invented the wonderful word game in which you replace the word “heart” in a well-known phrase with the word “dick” to get a humorous effect. Hitchens’ favourite examples were:

Bury my dick at Wounded Knee and;

I left my dick in San Francisco.

My own favourite used to be the McGarrigle sisters’s song Heart Like a Wheel:

Some say the dick is just like a wheel

When you bend it you can't mend it

But this billboard suggested a new contender:


To associate the patron saint of union crushing with the plot to install a one-world government is in unacceptably poor taste. This institute clearly has no heart.

For this reason, I will be joining fellow Canadians Ross McKitrick and Donna Laframboise in a principled boycott of the next meeting of the Dickland Institute.