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Finally some Anti-Denial in the Calgary Herald

Scattered few
Re: "Swindled," Letter, May 22, and "Where to look," Letter, May 20.

It is so nice that the Herald continues to print climate change denial letters en masse that reflect the work of three per cent of publishing climatologists. With so much misinformation, we should indeed pull out of Kyoto, leave this non-issue to the rest of the world, and use part of the savings to support these letter writers -according to demographics, old men -with useful adult diapers and slabs of asbestos.

Asbestos is safe so long as it generates profits. And the diapers will not be of the disposable kind as we try to minimize CO2 output. But CO2 is a hoax anyway; it is plant food. For all the plants in the upper atmosphere. Start pressuring the politicians now!

Jurgen Kraus, Calgary

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