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Climate Hearing For the Deaf

Louis Fortier, scientific director of ArcticNet at Laval University, is right that, when it comes to climate change: "It's a matter of leadership." It is no longer acceptable for politicians to merely follow political correctness on the issue. They must lead.

The leadership most required now is that - for the good of Canada and the environment - the government must convene open hearings so that they, the media and the public can hear from a broad range of leading climate experts, whether their views are currently fashionable or not.

In her June 26 climate change statement, Senator Nancy Greene Raine called for her colleagues "to put aside political correctness and carefully consider a broad range of expert scientific opinion."

Raine expressed the hope that one of the Senate "committees will take a fresh look at the issue of climate change, one based on realistic assessment of science and history."

With a majority government, opposition parties in disarray and Canadians increasingly disinterested in costly climate-control plans, the time is right for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to do what he promised in 2006 before first being elected - to reconsider the climate file from top to bottom.

Tom Harris


Tom Harris is Executive Director of the International Climate Science Denial Coalition