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Majority of Albertans are Religious Believers

Schweinsgruber says: the majority obviously disagrees with Danielle Smith's position on climate change - therefore the majority of Albertans must be pseudo-religious believers. Although that is steadily becoming less convincing! And while this idiot claims renewable energy is causing misery in Ontario, it has created 300,000 jobs in Germany, where the economy is doing just fine.


Don Braid states that Danielle Smith's position on climate change was a major factor in Wildrose's poor showing. He says "her stance would have fixed Alberta's image in prehistoric stone." Possibly Braid is right, since the well-financed propaganda from the climate alarmists and the media's stance have successfully cast skeptics as unscientific right-wing nuts.

Unfortunately for Smith, as an intelligent, principled individual, she is aware of the large amount of scientific data not supporting man-made climate change, and to her detriment, made the blasphemous statement that "the science is not settled."

Science is not about consensus, nor is it ever settled. The evidence for any significant man-made global warming is
steadily becoming less convincing, because of the lack of temperature increases in the last 12 years, and a much better correlation indicated between solar changes with the Earth's climate changes than due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

Man-made climate change has become a
pseudo-religious movement in that man has sinned by burning fossil fuels, whose continued use will destroy the world. This is why skepticism, a basic driving force of scientific endeavour, cannot be tolerated by the believers and the skeptics cast as odious deniers.

Meanwhile, the renewable energy bandwagon has
created large financial deficits and unemployment in Ontario, Britain and Spain.

We need politicians like Smith to speak up on climate science before the world is thrown into an-other recession.

Roger Edmunds, Calgary

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