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Schweingruber and Schweinsgruber hide the Decline

From: Derek L. Schweinsgruber
Subject: Climate offer
Date: August 15, 2010 12:05:19 AM MDT

Dear Herr Prof. Dr. Schweingruber, lieber Fritz,
May I introduce myself. My name is Derek L. Schweinsgruber, I am the president of the Friends of Gin and Tonic (FoGT), a centre for climate change denial skepticism in Calgary, Canada:
S c h w e i n s like swine, and g r u b e r like Schicklgruber, Hitler’s mum.

Your name, which is almost identical to mine, was mentioned by our good friend, the renowned climate-change
denier skeptic Lord Monckton of Brenchley in his recent refutal of John Abraham’s refutal of his lordship. I understand that you are a dendrologist, a coauthor of Keith Briffa’s and therefore a climategator and one of the decline hiders, and thus your good name will be mud forever - just by association.

FoGT wishes to offer you asylum and asks you to convert from the dark side of climate extremism to us deniers. We could publish as double Lottie - online, or in non-peer reviewed oil comics: Schweingruber und Schweinsgruber, or Schweinsgruber and Schweingruber, just like Thomson and Thompson, Schulze und Schultze, Dupond et Dupont, and Hernández y Fernández. The good thing about it: we don’t have to care about unattractive scientific facts. No tedious acquisition of knowledge anymore which involves a rather inflexible learning process based on testable statements, as our friend Gunkl points out. We could base our work on belief instead, which is much easier: we just have to be ready to believe that AGW is a hoax - and voila!. This requires much less work and failure is excluded because belief is not subjected to the principles of falsifiability.

The path to knowledge leads always through error. A painful, repetitive process. The path to belief, on the other hand, leads through lucrative monetary endorsements by the energy industry. Together we could see the world as we believe it to be, not as it is. What more can I promise.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

Derek L. Schweinsgruber, PhD
Friends of Gin and Tonic
Calgary, CANADA