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Evil Scientists Plan Cooling and Killing the Planet

The Earth’s internal heat comes from two sources, residual heat left over from planetary accretion (~20%) and decay of radioactive elements (~80%). These sources are of course non-renewable. To halt the supposedly harmful climb in the atmospheric concentration of CO2, a possibly mythical gas that is reported to look, feel and behave exactly like glass but is nonetheless food for plants, increased use of geothermal energy is commonly promoted by warmalarmists and other petroleum-haters. Just last week, unscrupulous geophysicists hatched a new and sinister plot: not only do they intend increasing geothermal energy use, they plan to inject CO2 instead of water as the heat-exchange fluid.

The Earth produces
about 44 TW of heat, approximately 3 times global human energy use, of which about 10 TW is from land (where average heat flow is 65 mW/m^2) and therefore available for human use. Total human energy use is about 15 TW and rising, so it would be possible for human geothermal use to consume all of the available resource.

It is well understood that the convection of the mantle that results from the Earth’s heat drives
plate tectonics: the plates are the thermal and mechanical boundary layers on the surface of the convecting fluid. How much heat is necessary to keep plate tectonics alive might be judged by comparison with a ‘dead’ rocky planet like Mars. Martian heat flow is estimated at 15-25 mW/m^2, about one-quarter the mean figure from the Earth, and indicating a total heat production of about 3 TW. Large-scale mining of the Earth’s irreplaceable heat resource could therefore lead to the death of the planet.

As if this isn’t bad enough, using CO2 to do it is even more insidious. Removing CO2, if it exists, from the atmosphere will not only be bad for plants, it will speed up the onset of the
coming ice age, spawn more tornadoes, and make the oceans more alkaline. Proposals to subsidize carbon capture are being heroically resisted by our Friends in the Wildrose Alliance, ostensibly on the grounds that it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money, but really because the Alliance knows the harm that could be done (and because injection as part of enhanced oil recovery schemes could increase supply, therefore driving down prices).

All who care about the Earth (and about keeping oil prices up) must resist this planet-killing and -cooling plot with all the means at their disposal!