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A closer Look at the CSPG Backgrounder

Closing statement in the CSPG backgrounder:

In terms of the recent public debates about global climate change, there is no body of evidence, and certainly no consensus in the scientific community, that man-made CO2 emissions are a significant contributor to climate change.

What this says:
(A) Scientific evidence and scientific consensus rely on a public debate according to the authors! Says Nimoy: That's not logical Captain! Or (B) does it say that in the debate by the ‘public’ there is no consensus among the scientists (= all scientists, including the non-climatologists). And the winner is (C) Both, whichever fits best.

A critical examination by Doran & Kendall (2009) in EOS finds that 97% of actively publishing
warmists alarmists climatologists participate in the scientific consensus.

Download the documents:

CSPG stands for Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. They also published and distributed this opus of climate change denial by their former president James Neil Hutton.

The next debate on climate change is scheduled for Friday at the Royal Canadian Legion. A representative of the Friends of Science will take on Wayne Gretzky. If the Friends win, then the physics behind global warming will have to be perceived as wrong.