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Obama Advisor K. Moran at GeoCanada 2010

Past, Present, and Future Arctic Sea Ice
Speaker NameKathryn (Kate) Moran

The Arctic Ocean is undergoing tremendous change and is currently transforming from a perennially sea ice covere
d ocean to one that may soon be ice-free in summer. The Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX), conducted by the international Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, recovered the first long climate record from the Arctic Ocean. Previous Arctic Ocean climate records had been limited to the past ~1.5 million years, but ACEX was able to extend this important record back to ~57 million years ago.  The results from this expedition, produced by more than 50 scientists from around the globe, have transformed our interpretations of past Arctic Ocean climate, particularly with respect to ice, and its impact on the global ocean and climate system. More...

GeoCanada 2010 takes place May 10-14 2010 in Calgary

FoGT comments:
Dr. Moran must be to Barack Obama what Lord Monckton was, in his days, to Margaret Thatcher!