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Advancing Glaciers corrupt Global Temperature Trends


The USGS presently wines about Asian glacier retreat driven by global warming climate change, which will lead to all sorts of problems. Bollocks! A colleague of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) submitted this photo to us. It was taken on a recent business trip to the Berner Oberland in Chile, southern hemisphere (hence upside down unless you live in the southern hemisphere). It shows the increasing vertical extent of the 'La Paloma Glacier' between 1908 and 2010. A least one surface temperature measurement station was overrun by and incorporated into the advancing ice sheet and has since produced perfectly flat local T anomalies of 0.00 C, which has resulted in underestimated global temperature trends (kind of the opposite of the Urban Heat Island effect).

The GSC guy writes: "[This phenomenon is] not local....90% of all the mid latitude mountain glaciers are loosing gaining ice mass, certainly all over central Europe but a quick trip to Peyto Glacier or the Columbia Icefields in your part of the world, and comparing things to historic photos and records, shows that this is global."

FoGT wonders: Must be true. Chile is full of NAZIS, hence no UN socialist government there to falsify facts.