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All quiet on the Western Front

It has been quiet on this blog lately simply because the alarmists are presently hibernating. Many alarmists, i.e. people who are paranoid that world communism/a world government/socialized health care are threatening North American rednecks’ all our individual wealth greed, and whose absolute human rights are threatened by compromises (through others claiming human rights, too), have left their senior citizen homes and migrated down south for the winter. Our blog writers used the time off to blow some CO2 by travelling to SE Asia and central America to check the effects of global warming climate change. For example, the lower limit of the cloud forest in central America is moving upwards, and if it is lifting above the central mountain ranges the moisture will not reach the land anymore as the clouds will rain off farther out, that is over the ocean. And so goes the rain forest, which eats plant food (CO2). But since global warming climate change is merely a hypothesis, we should not take action. We have presently so much plant food but not enough eaters...a classic natural food bank but no poor people, more so than a Calgary suburb.

The believers of the ‘Friends of Science’ nevertheless released a newsletter recently (believers are defined here as people who believe in absolute bullshit, or who simply ‘believe’ without checking facts or spinning facts to fit their belief). Here an extract from their scientific newsletter:

Pasted Graphic

What do we learn from this?

1. The ‘Friends of the Republicans Science’ endorse the Republican party.
2. They establish the old redneck connection between Texas and Alberta.
3. They hope for the EPA to stop regulating tobacco, the ozone hole, additives in adult diapers, the climate change hoax.

While point 1 shocks us in our foundations, we recommend to read about point 3 in the excellent book ‘Merchants of Doubt’ by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway. The book tells us: nothing new here.

Let’s go back to sleep through the rest of the winter but not without pointing to the latest climate denial crock of the week: