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Venus and the Half Wit

There’s quite a little fuss going on in the blogosphere because of the revolutionary ideas of Mr Steven Goddard who has come up with the wonderfully simple idea that Venus is hot (is she ever!) not because of carbon dioxide, the plant food that is fingered by the UN for all the problems in the Universe, but because of simple adiabatic heating. The atmosphere is heavy on Venus, which is why it’s so unseasonably warm there. It’s really that simple.

Of course the Gore acolytes have gotten into a
real tizzy over this, dusting off their Atmos 101 textbooks and trying to explain (once they’ve scratched their heads for a while!) to the unwashed why such an idea is really just junk science and all of us skeptics should be quiet and leave the planetary science to the grownups who have actually studied the subject for many ears.

I’m delighted to say that I have now published an article on this subject, not at one of those nasty eggheads-only journals, but on the nice
Mr Watts’ blog where peer review is much more accommodating to those of us who prefer to think out of the box.

I’ve cut and pasted the screen image because some people tell me that Mr Watts can get annoyed when posts attract too much attention and he sometimes takes them down to avoid offending his more impressionable readers.