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Letter to Dr. S. Fred Singer (with short answer)

Actual letter in blue, submitted per web form. Short answer by Dr. Singer in grey, squeezed in between paragraphs.

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Singer,
I am wondering about recent global temperature trends.  Here a link to Dr. Spencer's most recent satellite data:

My Calgary colleagues of the Friends of Science (FoS;, claim that the earth has been cooling since 2002. They even advertised this cooling in recent radio ads. The FoS base this on a T-t plot similar to Dr. Spencer's. The difference is that theirs constitutes the average between the two principal satellite data sets (UAH, Remote Sensing LTD). While there is essentially no difference between the two, I cannot see the 0.12 C drop since 2002 claimed by the FoS. In fact, T has been shooting up recently and the long-term trend since 1979 is also clearly up. The period between 2002 and 2007 is simply a high plateau,

that's a possible interpretation, consistent with the accuracy of the data set

a temporary Tibet so to speak - until we recently reached the Himalayas. Do you see any cooling?  We don't have any credibility with the general public when we preach global cooling when warming takes place. You once said something like "thermometers don't lie".

In fact, the curve segment since January 2002 looks like a miniature hockey stick.

Secondly, satellites that measure the outgoing vs the incoming radiation confirm the greenhouse effect. On the other hand, Norm Kalmanovitch of the FoS claims an apparent saturation of the greenhouse effect controlled by the physical properties of the CO2 molecule.

I have not found any published account that confirms Norm's theory. Would you be able to help me out?

not aware of any publicationof COMPLETE saturation -- only the log effect

Danke im voraus!


Derek L. Schweinsgruber, PhD