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Global Inquisition into Spanish Warming

We skeptical deniers are now well used to the totalitarian tactics of the Stasi/Gestapo agents of the CAGW alarmists. Nobody, however, expected the Spanish Inquisition.

A recent article published in the
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science is based on the obsessive work of the shadowy Toronto-based activist Jim Prall who keeps a blacklist of climate scientists who dare question the AGW articles of faith. Prall and his coauthors categorize scientists as either “convinced” or “unconvinced” by the evidence of AGW. How does he arrive at making such loaded judgments? By raking through the muck of published petitions and looking for incriminating signatures, that’s how. Prall’s simplistic logic is that if someone expresses an opinion publically and in writing and then never retracts it, then that somehow reveals what they actually think. Hitherto unpublished citizen-scientist Prall even has the gall to categorize the distinguished Roger Pielke Sr as “unconvinced”. Contrast this, if you can, with the humble and respectful tone that Steve McIntyre adopts when he refers to “The Team”.

Mr Pielke’s son argues: “Far from being a skeptic, my father has long argued that the IPCC has underestimated the human influence on the climate system, which includes but is not limited to carbon dioxide, a view that is pretty mainstream these days, thanks in part to his work.” Jim “Torquemada” Prall may take that at face value as a confession of ACG apostasy but dogged deniers have ears that detect a signal at higher frequencies than ordinary humans can hear.