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E pluribus unum

The declaration of independence from the historic Lisbon Conference:

Judith Curry deserves to become known as the Founding Mother of the United Skeptics of Alarmism. For a while, her she
fooled the red-coat alarmist occupiers of the consensus that her offer of a parlay was an attempt to negotiate a cease-fire between the two sides. Instead it was a ruse de guerre that rallied the yeomen of the oppressed colonies, bringing together lukewarmers, magical thinkers, iron-sun theorists, ocean-oscillation promoters, photographers of tarmac and air-conditioning vents, venal billionaires, curmudgeons, principle-component-analysis obsessives, high-discount-rate advocates and one-world-government paranoids into a More Perfect Union.
The irresistible synergy of these diverse strands of thought, woven into the rich tapestry of skepticism, is ably summarized in the following diagram:
Graph from Denial Depot.
Hat-tip Marco