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Is Monckton a Wanker? - and why It matters

With the recent biography of Bob Hawke and not long since the autobiography of Pauline Hanson the Australian public are asking that, if politicians must have sex, whether we need or want to know. So why is it important that FoGT has identified Viscount Monckton as a wanker (based on his use of crest with minimal differences from House of Lords where Monckton claims the non-existent status of non-sitting member).

Compared to public discussion of
global warming and ocean acidification, the hallucinogenic properties of carbon dioxide have received little attention. This probably reflects cultural selection, with successful cultures using substances with a bigger gap between mind-altering levels and toxicity. Indeed relative roles of oxygen deprivation and CO2 enhancement in autoerotic asphyxia (hypoxyphilia) are poorly documented. A google search of "carbon dioxide' and "wank" mainly reveals measurements at a mountain in Bavaria.

All this raises question of whether motivation for Monckton's support for increased CO
2 comes from seeking safer autoeroticism. Compared to the G and T (or the FOSSIL - Friends Of Several Sorts of Imbibed Liquor) approaches, for CO2, the gap between hallucinogenic doses (3 to 4%) and fatal concentrations (5 to 6%) is dangerously small. While concentrations from fossil fuel burning will not get us that high, going part of the way could mean less drastic action needed to raise blood CO2. With traditional values of British upper classes under threat, safety in their traditional autoerotic pursuits becomes urgent.

In related research in paleo-wasting at U. Narbethong is exploring whether hallucinogenic effects from a peak of CO
2 55 million years ago were the reason that ancestors of the great apes (including us) thought it a good idea to part ways from other monkeys and leave the trees to go down onto the African plains with the lions and hyenas. Other research is exploring whether increased CO2 as the last ice age began to end is an alternative to other theories relating cultural evolution to substance abuse.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing
University of Narbethong
West Island Campus, NZ.