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GAC-MAC 2012 Symposia: Velikovsky, Solar-Cycle Tectonics, Intelligent Design, and the Shape of the Earth

In the wake of the 2011 Geological Association of Canada -- Mineralogical Association of Canada Convention Symposium ‘Earth Climate: Past, Present, Future’, ostensibly hosted because “the scientific debate about climate change is far from over” and to present a “geological perspective” on it, we call for symposium proposals for 2012. Obvious candidates are a review of the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, a hero of Friend of Science and retired geography professor Tim Ball, and the idea that solar cycles cause great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, a favourite of one of our own favourites, Friend of Science Norm Kalmanovitch. Ball/Kalmanovitch associates Neil Hutton, Ian Plimer, and Kalmanovitch himself featured prominently at this year’s symposium, and they’d no doubt enjoy another opportunity to expose the cover-ups of these brilliant and original scientific hypotheses by the world-socialist ‘scientific establishment’. Equally, we’re sure that GAC would be only too happy to invite them again.

While to our knowledge none of the Friends of Science or International Climate Science Coalition folks are ‘intelligent designers’, we note that at least one of their Friends is, as are many other people. This demonstrates that the debate about creationism vs evolution is far from over, which is evidently more than enough reason for GAC to host a convention symposium on it. Likewise, there are still some people who maintain that the Earth is flat. All these ideas would benefit from the forum for ‘debate’ and the ‘geological perspective’ that a purportedly ‘learned’ earth science society like GAC would provide.

FoGT is considering a symposium to debate sequence stratigraphy, a concept originally developed by our petroleum industry colleagues but subsequently hijacked and debased by academics, including climate symposium chair Andrew Miall, and now promoted by the International Commission on Stratigraphy, an arm of the world-socialist government, as a means of redistributing sediment in ways contrary to market forces.

We are aware that some geologists might be uncomfortable with these sorts of symposia. Indeed, one we talked to said “by having been so gullible as to allow themselves to be conned into providing a platform for the professional liars of the International Climate ‘Science’ Coalition to use in attempts to claim some scientific respectability, GAC has done geologists everywhere a great disservice. Its supposed ‘vision’, “a geoscience community which is knowledgeable, professionally competent and respected”, is made a joke by the implication it takes demonstrated bullshit from the likes of Plimer, Hutton and Kalmanovitch seriously. While this makes me pleased I’m not a GAC member, it also makes me embarrassed to call myself a Canadian geologist. Clearly, GAC requires better leadership.”

Communist. Evidently he doesn’t recognize the place of ‘debate’, ‘opinion’ and ‘balance’ in the progress of science.