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Lots of Red Herring in the Sea

Re: "Oceans warming," Letter, Oct. 12.

I followed Tom Ashby's advice to just google "missing heat."

Top five results:

? Reuters' press release from Scientific American coverage of a National Centre for Atmospheric Research study full of "may," "could" and "computer simulations;"

? "Watts Up With That" article showing that actual measured ocean temperatures are not increasing and pointing out the poor performance of computer climate models;

? "Bit of Science" coverage of the same NCAR study, including the recent attempt to instead blame Chinese aerosol emissions for the lack of warming;

? "Barrel Strength" blog disputing the validity of the study, with some insightful questions;

? "The A Register" site, showing disagreement on the issue among various climate gurus and the lack of consistency among various climate model predictions.

Obviously, there is still substantial debate on climate issues, but I agree with Norm Kalmanovitch (again) when he asks for rational governmental action rather than blind hysteria.

David McEwen, Calgary

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Schweinsgruber says: Which hysteria? What rational government action is denial? Real science is based on rigour, with lots of 'mays' and 'colds', but all independent lines of evidence do agree with each other. Norm's gaga is based on fringe science, and the fringe theories mostly contradict each other. Crackpot Norm borrowed his CO2 ramblings (22 mins of complete gaga) from these two other crackpots and the latter acknowledge that the former hasn't understood it. So even the crackpots disagree with each other.