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Former Leader offered Chance of Redemption after Climate Heresy

Now that the Australian election has been decided and the Liberalultra-conservative/National hyper-conservative COALition has lost, Opposition leader Mad Monk Tony Abbott has had the task of selecting a new set of shadow ministers.

As would be expected from a man who supports the theory of the iron sun, Mr. Abbott's choices renew the COALition's commitment to non-core science..

In particular, the new shadow minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Sophie Mirabella. Her non-core science credentials are impeccable, having previously quit the shadow cabinet in protest at prospect of the Liberalultra-conservative party voting for the emissions trading scheme that they had negotiated with the government. Ms. Mirabella has quickly engaged with her new role, and shown her firm grasp of the principles of nuanced Hayekist argument by denouncing the government's proposed climate committee as Marxist [Karl Marx or Groucho Marx? Ed.].

Mr. Abbott now provides the opportunity for the Liberalultra-conservative party to reclaim their proud history after many years of decline, Long serving leader John Howard ultimately wavered on climate denial and the Liberalultra-conservative/National hyper-conservative COALition lost the 2007 election to Kevin Rudd's Laborconservative party.

Howard's replacement as Liberalultra-conservative party leader was Brendan Nelson who was always regarded as a stop-gap leader. No-one expected great initiatives from him in the area of non-core science, even though he had, as education minister, supported teaching of intelligent design.

Nelson's successor Malcolm Turnbull was a an even bigger disappointment to the cause of non-core science. As opposition leader he stooped to negotiating with the Rudd government for an emissions trading scheme and was duly deposed by Mad Monk Mr. Abbott.

Now Mr Turnbull has been appointed shadow minister for broadband. Cynics have suggested that he is in a no-win position that will prevent him from ever challenging Mr. Abbott for the party leadership. His job is to attack the government's most popular policy.

The reality is that Mr. Turnbull has been given a chance of redemption - a chance to re-commit to the Liberal ultra-conservative party values of non-core science without explicitly renouncing his former climate heresy.

In his new role, Mr. Turnbull has said that the 2010 election policy of broadband that violated the established laws of physics, might, for the next election, be replaced by a new policy. [or at least a new name for the current policy, Ed.].

As an example of new and superior technology that is emerging, only days after Turnbull's appointment, a South African team announced that they had surpassed existing speeds for internet video download by sending video on a memory card carried by carrier pigeon.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz.
Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ