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Deniers' War in Calgary: Spy vs Spy

Calgary is presently battered by a war between deniers, waged ferociously through newspaper science in the Calgary Herald. And guess who is one of the main protagonists? Yes, no one less than our omnipresent friend Norm Kalmanovitch, the guy with the fuzzy GeoCanada 2010 talk. The key question is: is an ocean like a bucket or like a bathtub? This gives FoGT the opportunity to step in and take over control on the collection of protection money from the oil companies. FoGT says: two half-wits yield one dim wit. The two half wits are featured below.




What Dr. Romney-Hughes says about Norm Kalmanovitch's non-peer reviewed letter:
The newspaper scientist seems to think the ocean can be viewed on the scale of a bathtub. It isn't saturated (where does he get the idea that it is?); it's acidity varies from place to place depending on temperature and composition; and its effect on dissolution of things depends on pressure (e.g. carbonate compensation depth) as well as the susceptibility of the things themselves to acid (they might prefer alkaline to neutral). Increasing dissolution has already been documented.


Key component in all of these is that they treat the oceans as oceans, rather than Norm's treatment as a bucket.