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Sixth International Conferences on Climate Change Galore


The ‘people who don’t get laid’ of Wattsupwiththat report the forthcoming latest iteration of the infamous climate change denial extravaganza. We remember last years’ fourth conference under the motto ‘Science Alarmism’ and wonder what has happened to the 5th conference? Was it simply denied away? The 6th conference on climate change runs from June 30 to July 1 in Washington, D.C. . So if you have been a delegate of the competing 6th International Conference: Climate Change - The Karst Record from July 26-29 at the University of Birmingham, Alabama U.K., you may have to run to catch a plane to the US that arrives on time in the past. The U.S. conference has a senior friendly registration of $88 ($ 110 for warmists and alarmists) and each delegate receives a free ‘Essential Connect Cell Phone Package for Seniors’, a dozen eggs, a cuckoo clock, and yet another box of NASA’s Gotthard Institute limited edition adult diapers. The conference room will be equipped with washable plastic chairs. See you soon in Alabama Washington.