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Alberta Deniers driven back by Professional Organisations

Organized Alberta oil patch climate change denial and war on science appear to be phased out by the very professional organizations they infest, the CSPG and APEGGA.
After the CSPG recently removed climate change denial propaganda (written by their past president A. Neil Hutton), members of APEGGA are now requesting the same from their organization (see letters in the July issue of the Peg below). It appears that these local Alberta organisations are slowly catching up with time and reality and are approaching the scientific opinion on global warming held by ALL national and international science academies and scientific societies. In support of this, FoGT has recently rejected the logical fallacies and deceptions of the local deniers, audiotaped and exposed their nonsense (A, B, C), explained the psychology behind their denial, and addressed the editorial board of AGU journals in an open letter to more rigorously monitor submitted manuscripts. And how do the Friends of Science (FoS) - who proclaim they are seeking the debate - respond? Not at all, they simply DENY FoGT, too, despite getting unmasked almost daily under the eyes of a local and international audience. The ice of denial is melting, the dinosaurs are nearing extinction, and not even their powerful iphone app can save them.

Here are the Peg letters in question: