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2010 in Review

USA/The World
The lack of distinction between "the world" and "the USA" [think World Series baseball, Ed.] continues, with 1934 still being the hottest year on record in USA-world. This cosmopolitanism is being ably continued into 2011 by the good people at Watts Up WithThat.

The relevance of our local denier brothers the Friends of Science continued on its headlong path as their earth is cooling graph started during 2010 to show warming. We expect them to change its title shortly before they disband. FoS geophysicist Norm Kalmanovitch has continued to outdo himself in letters to the Calgary Herald and comedy spots at conferences, where he has entertained us by humorously denying not only radiative physics but also conduction and buoyancy.
Canadian denialism became mainstream with the emergence of the Wildrose
Brewery Alliance and its increasing prominence .

Southern Hemisphere
The existence of the southern hemisphere has been a controversial sleeper issue that keeps recurring even though the idea of an inhabited Southern hemisphere had condemned by Pope Zachary in 748 AD.

The report by expert statisticians Wegman, Scott and Said set the trend in their title by describing the
northern hemisphere analysis by Mann, Bradley and Hughes as global. John Mashey's analysis Strange Scholarship in the Wegman Report shows that this southern hemisphere denial pervades the report [but not in the bits that they copied from wikipedia Ed.].

short-lived support for Southern hemisphere denial by the American Geophysical Union has been withdrawn.

In 2010 the most significant non-event in Australia [if it exists, Ed,] was the Federal election. In order to enhance their respective electoral appeal the Liberal party deposed their leader for wanting to do something about climate change, and the Labor party deposed their leader for doing nothing about climate change.

This gave voters a clear moral choice between party that would do nothing about climate change through fear of the mining industry and party that would do nothing because they are
in the pocket of mining industry. Following the election, a similar situation continued with a government that did nothing because of the caretaker convention being succeeded by a government that did nothing because of the diametrically opposed views of its supporters.

However leading Australian media analysts [Actually the
Eat, Pray, Vomit Chaser Annual, Ed.] have noted that Australia has achieved a 100% reduction in mentions of CO2 reduction.

New Zealand
In New Zealand, the NIWA-gate scandal erupted with local denialists inventing identifying inventifying flaws in the national temperature record.

New Zealand continued to contribute to international denial, with minister Rodney Hide travelling to Australia
for a conference on local government to launch Bob Carter's remaindered book.

The Arts
2010 has been a fruitful year for denial scepticism in the Arts.

Eli Rabett ran a
Monckton limerick contest with a late FoGT entry. FoGt has produced alternative logos for Viscount Monckton of Brenchley to replace his previous logo which plagiarised showed striking similarities to that of the House of Lords.

Another special FoGT contribution has been songs with
Stand by Your Scam dedicated to Ian Plimer, Go talk to Paradis (and not the CBC) dedicated to public communication in Canada, and Big Yellow Sky on geoengineering.

The CIA [Catholic Investigative Agency [we are not making this up. Ed.]] has inventified population control as the primary hidden agenda behind global warming science.

The importance of religion for the
tourism industry catholic faith in Australia became evident with the Canonization of Mary MacKillop as the first Australian saint [often regarded as an oxymoron. Ed.] In an effort to give proper recognition to an under-appreciated Australian, FoGT called for the canonisation of Bob Carter.

In a striking demonstration of how his perceptiveness transcends long-standing preconceptions, Viscount Monckton was able to identify a group of the
hitler youth even when they had concealed their identity by including jewish delegates.

The Media
Social commentator Derek Schweinsgruber has identified the most important media event of 2010 as being the launch of the Friends of Gin and Tonic website [as Christine Keeler remarked "well he would say that wouldn't he?", Ed.]

The usual media suspects in
Canada and Australia kept us entertained with the same old crap post-modernist approach to reality. A highlight of The Australian's coverage was linking the IPCC to match fixing in test cricket.

The year 2010 has been an expansionist year for denial. Some of the new arenas have been:
  • Hayekist science The Hayekisk law that "Any science that implies the need for government regulation must be wrong" was identified as a unifying principle by Oreskes and Conway. This principle subsumes the non-core science of the Australian Liberal-National Party COALition.
  • Southern hemisphere denial had a surprising resurgence particularly in those parts of the Wegman report that weren't copied from wikipedia.
  • Denial denial escalated into the Chris-Mitchell-gate affair at The Australian. [More at Deltoid].
  • CO2 denial made a dramatic entry to the conversation with the Wildrose Brewery Alliance calling for a world-class research department that looks at the validity of CO2.
  • However, the overarching philosophical theme of the year was the continued exponential rise not of CO2 but of bullshit. Given the results of the US midterm elections, the exponent is expected to be larger in the coming year.

Innovative statistical developments have been a particular strength of efforst to refudiate the so-called consensus. Since many of the authors have been excessively modest about how much their techniques extend conventional approaches to statistics, Friends of Gin and Tonic have tried to bring these innovations to a wider audience. We have been particularly taken by social network analysis, proper interpretation of southern hemisphere data, and the influence of the Sun.

In the blogs, new techniques of graphical analyses too innovative for the mainstream literature continued to be developed. The greatest innovator was undoubtedly sometime WUWT contributor
Steven Goddard, but his methods were so innovative that Anthony Watts felt he was being upstaged and and summarily fired him, for which denial is much the poorer. Others tried to take up the flame, including Canada's own Lawrence Solomon of our favourite comic collection, Postmedia News; and going forward, we at FoGT hope to continue to contribute in the same spirit.

John Mashey's analysis
Strange Scholarship in the Wegman Report provides a wake-up call, demonstating that we should avoid using crude approximate populist terms such as plagiarism and rather should use the more precise statistical terminology of identical text or alternatively striking similarity.

Strong showings were acheived by the meterological societies on either side of the Atlantic. The critique of the decade-old MBH hockey-stick paper by
McShane & Wyner generated some confusion in its conclusions that 1997-2006 was 80% likely to have been the warmest 10 years in the last 1000 and that MBH were wrong. Happily, M&W behaved more as expected with their superior remarks that climate science really ought to be done by statisticians while attempting to represent northern hemisphere data as global, showing us that this climate-science stuff is hard enough that even 'expert' statisticians are not able to count the hemispheres correctly 95% of the time. On the other coast, McIntyre, McKittrick & Herman applied methods from econometrics to analyse the distributions of a number of different varieties of apples and then compared these to a single variety of orange. Our modification of their technique, generating multiple new varieties of orange so that at least similar numbers of fruit may be compared, has yet to gain widespread acceptance.


The Friends of Science graph continued to show that temperature did not follow CO2 and that 45 ppm CO2 increase did not lead to 1 degree warming. Something that climate models didn't predict has turned out not to happen.

In a similar vein, results presented at the AGU fall meeting indicated that even inlcuding the water-vapour feedback, runaway greenhouse gas warming would never be sufficient to evaporate an infinitely deep ocean. Thus human influences are unlikely to evaporate the earth's crust, and destroy the planet, a result emphasised on biblical authority by
congressman Simkus. The non-predictions of science have been seen to be consistent with the non-predictions of religion [or at least one religion, Ed.]

Looking at the year in science, the stand-out contrinbution came from Paul Hinman, spokesman for the Wildrose
Brewery Alliance called for a world-class research department that looks at the validity of CO2. Wildrose challenging the validity of CO2 has to be the highlight of 2010. Friends of Gin and Tonic have taken up the challenge.

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz.
Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ

Dr Roger Romney-Hughes
Executive Director Friends of Gin & Tonic