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People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…II

People who purchased the Cold Sun also purchased…'Red Lies in a Green Dress - the communist background of the environmental movement'.

Schweinsgruber says: 'More mental than environmental'.

Short Description
The policy objectives of the apocalyptic climate
No other issue dominates the public debate, the political process and especially the mass media coverage in recent years as much as the environmental and climate protection. Barrage Awesome, German citizens are reminded that the planet was facing a man-made climate catastrophe that could only be averted if the Western industrialized nations would take active steps to conserve energy, protect the environment and adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

This book proves that the "climate catastrophe" is a lie just as they had done the "deforestation" and the "ozone hole". The green policies are not based on some ecological purposes, but purely ideological motives, the exclusively designed to drive the market economy of western nations to ruin. In their place will be a global redistribution of state modeled after the Soviet Union, which is controlled by an expanded UN to world government planned economy.

Nation states will always be more closely associated with the straitjacket of government entities. Unnoticed by the public, we are on the way to a dictatorship ecosocialist to require every single person remembers how he has to live and work.

This book breaks the protagonists of the environmental movement, the mask from his face. It documents their origin, their political views and the amazing similarities between the plans of the former Soviet Communists and what is not a contradiction of American high finance, with its many references and sources. Under the guise of environmental and climate change threatens the greatest redistribution of wealth in the history of mankind and a new world order that will limit the freedom of the individual according to the principles of socialism massive.

"Kyoto is the first component of a true world government dar."
Jacques Chirac, former French president

"It is certain that this environmental activism is the modern incarnation of communism."
Vaclav Klaus, Czech President