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Al Gore Sex Attack - The End of Climate Science


The renowned climatology magazine “National Enquirer” reports that Molly Haggerty, 54, a red-haired masseuse from Oregon, accuses Al Gore of sexual molestation. Her 73-page statement was originally rejected by police because the woman had a significant credibility problem: she had attempted to sell her experience with Al to the Heartland Institute Exxon Mobile the National Enquirer - for a million dollars. The Enquirer refused payment however got a hold of the police files.

While nothing has been proven, it will be good enough for the denialsphere to destroy Al Gore’s image.

We conclude: Because Al Gore is publically accused of sexual misconduct, all climate research performed over decades at any Max Planck Institute, PIK Potsdam, University of East Anglia, University of Victoria, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, etc. are invalid.

A great week for Al Gore haters and
other dimwits global warming deniers.