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Tom Harris's Buddy lies back

In response to this Squibble…

Not junk science


Re: "Drought on scientists," Letter, Sept. 20.

The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) was founded by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition in 2007 in response to strong international support for our science-based, non-partisan approach. Contrary to Jurgen Kraus' assertions, ICSC lists among its advisers some of the world's leading climatologists and other experts in climate-related science, engineering, policy and economics.

ICSC is not an "extreme political organization." We support or oppose the remarks and actions of players in the climate debate based solely on the veracity of what they are saying and doing, not who they are or the organizations they associate with. We do not engage in ad hominem ("against the man") attacks or other logical fallacies.

We welcome people from across the political spectrum to work with us in promoting a realistic perspective of climate change.

Tom Harris was appointed executive director in 2008 because of his communications, project management, science and technology and other related skills, as well as his contacts with experts throughout the climate science community. While Tom has a solid understanding of the basics of climate science, he never claims to be "an expert of and an authority in climate science."

ICSC is now starting to play an increasingly important role in the international climate debate. As a consequence, we can expect attacks such as Kraus' to continue.

Terry Dunleavy, Hauraki, North Shore City, New Zealand

Terry Dunleavy is founding chairman and executive vicechairman of the International Climate Science Coalition.

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