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Wattsupwith being stupid

Greetings from the alarmist world. Did you guys at figure it out why the climategate hadcrut3 temperatures (manipulated by warmist scientists and the UN world government and enhanced by the urban heat island effect, isn’t it?) are lower than the satellite temps collected by a creationist presently on his way to denialpalooza in Heartland City? Did you find a way to use the more convenient warmist dataset to support your agenda without looking stupid?

Did you figure out which curves to use in order to compare apples to apples? Normalised against non-normalised, the initial comparison, was obviously not correct.

Did you consider the possibility that scientists who work with these data on a daily basis have actually compared the datasets and came up with a feasible explanation for their correlation, which was possibly published in a real journal? Is there really a reason to re-invent the wheel through blog discussion with
morons blog scientists?

In the meantime, FoGT continues taking the piss out of you

Update: The whole issue has been extensively discussed here!