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Lord Monckton caught Planking on Police Car

For the uninitiated, planking involves the subject lying face down on, across, over or inside an object – the stranger the better – and then taking a photograph of the stunt to upload onto Facebook.

The Planking Scotland page on Facebook has more than 12 supporters and includes hundreds of photographs of plankters lying on statues, fire hydrants and even at Petra in Jordan.

However, it caught the attention of the Scottish police force when 59-year-old Monckton of Brenchley, pissed out of his brains, was caught planking on a police car in Easterhouse, a scruffy part of Glasgow (photo from

Officers failed to see the funny side, and charged the Lord with being found on police establishment without lawful excuse. They have also threatened to upgrade the charge to the more serious Unauthorised Gravity Denial.

Easterhouse police Sergeant Matthew McMac said planking could be dangerous and illegal. "While we appreciate the activity is light-hearted fun, putting yourself and others at risk and breaking the law will not be tolerated," he told the Courier Mail newspaper. "The activity is potentially dangerous, as proponents of the movement try to outdo each other by planking on structures and in precarious positions when pissed like rats, putting themselves and others at risk of harm."

But self-confessed plankter Michael Morano defended the so-called sport and accused police of overreacting. "Bloody ridiculous if you ask me, just a bit of harmless fun and they are wasting their time on this instead of catching (climatologists),” he wrote on Facebook. Said Lord Monckton: “Planking? I was in the belief it was spanking! After all I am British!”