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Science vs the Friends of Science

Mike Lockwood (2010) writes:
It is important not to make the mistake made by Lord Kelvin and argue that there can be no influence of solar variability on climate: indeed, its study is of scientific interest and may well further our understanding of climate behaviour. However, the popular idea (at least on the Internet and in some parts of the media) that solar changes are some kind of alternative to GHG forcing in explaining the rise in surface temperatures has no credibility with almost all climate scientists.


The Friends of Science write:
Sun Activity Does Correlate with Temperature Numerous papers published in major peer-reviewed scientific journals shows the Sun is the primary driver of climate change.  There is a very strong correlation between the Sun activity and temperature.


FoGT says: there is obviously a huge discrepancy in opinion between Science and its friends - and who is correct is easily testable. All it takes is a library. What is interesting is that the Friends of Science tacitly assume a causal relationship of sun activity and temperatures from a non-existing correlation between the two, while they deny a causal relationship between CO2 and temperatures, despite a good correlation. FoGT wonders whether the truth isn’t a totally different one - global warming and the solar activity are inversely correlated: the increasing surface temperatures cause decreased sun activity. We emit CO2, the planet is warming - and the sun is dimming - which is in agreement with the law of conservation of energy. After all, other areas above the troposphere, including heaven and the stratosphere are cooling. Hence:

Save the Sun - sell your SUV!