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MP3: Solar Schmolar Debate at GeoCanada 2010

Interesting debate (download MP3; 2:43 mins; 1.3 MB) following this GeoCanada 2010 talk:

Geochemical evidence for late Holocene Paleoclimatic and Paleoceanographic variability in Anoxic Basins, Seymour-Belize Inlet Complex, Central Coastal Mainland, British Columbia

Babalola, L.O, Patterson, R.T. and Prokoph, A.
Earth Sciences Department
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario

First, the omnipresent FoS and letter-to-the-editor scientist Norm Kalmanovitch points out heating and cooling trends in the 20th century, thereby generously once again ignoring the bottom line/long term trend: the fact that during this alternating heating/cooling the overall temperatures went steeply up because both did not balance. Norm then fishes for a natural-climate-change statement in the form of a belief in solar cycles as the sole driver of climate, including 20th century climate, by the speaker, to which he gets the polite response "yes, we believe in natural climate change in the past".

Finally, Tom Pedersen stands up and points out that his group has no evidence for solar cycles from drill core down the road and that the large error bars urge caution in (over-)interpretations.