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Rex Murphy Climate Change 101 at the University of Calgary

Our website presently suffers many hits from older gentlemen who are googling for 'Rex Murphy U of C event' or similar. Google redirects them here. We were concerned that Rex's performance would clash with the concert of the Arctic Monkeys, however polar melting has flushed the latter back into the evening. Rex will be speaking at the lunch hour, which is favourable for the retirees of the Friends of Science (replenished blood sugar levels counteract the aged engineers' ADD). We hope that there is a KFC on campus nearby. In any case, MacEwan Hall will feature washable plastic chairs and, as always with denial events, every attendant will receive a free adult diaper: Climate Change 101 = Diaper Change 101. Barry Cooper will hand out vouchers for his new money laundromat. Al Gore, albeit mentioned twice on the poster, will not attend. Neither will a climatologist. Or members of FoGT.

Our question to Rex: Will the Arctic Monkeys replace the polar bears after melting the ice?

Update! Another question to Rex Murphy: Don't the same people who deny global warming also want to get rid of CBC (too liberal!)? Rex, aren't you sawing off the branch you are sitting on?

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