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Australian Research Agencies hide Evidence for young Earth

Just in the last few days, a contribution to Geophysical Research Letters shows the latest effort to cover up the greenhouse deniers' innovative research that is finally being published by AGU [FoGT discussed others recently]. The original paper by Lockart, Kavetski and Franks at the University of Newcastle  [GRL 36, L24405] showed that the alleged global warming over Australia's Murray-Darling basin was correlated with reduced cloudiness. Professor Franks' key position in Australian science includes his role as a scientific advisor to Senator Steve Fielding whose key senate vote was pivotal in the defeat of Australia's emissions trading legislation. 

The recent paper by scientists from CSIRO and Australia's National Climate Centre
[Cai et al., GRL 37, L10706] tries to sweep this result under the carpet claiming that the analysis fails to account for the change in available data. However they inadvertently let the truth slip out by applying the Newcastle techniques to the latitude of the data sites, showing that Australia has moved north by about 2.79 degrees in 58 years. This clearly exposes the hidebound views of mainstream geologists (many of whom actually believe in anthropogenic warming) who claim such drift is many thousands of times slower. The Newcastle result is in much better agreement with Senator Fielding's conviction that the earth may have been created less than 10000 years ago.