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Not Denier, Messiah: A Second Australian Saint

In his wonderful new and already discounted book, our good Friend Bob Carter dispenses with the real deniers with pure, cold, rational, unemotional, unadulterated reason:

“They deny that the Earth’s climate is cooling; they deny that the climate models on which their global warming policies are based are worthless as predictive tools; they deny that the IPCC and its advice are flawed beyond repair; they deny that the Copenhagen Conference was a failure; they deny that carbon dioxide is an environmental benefice; they deny that Climategate is any more than an isolated, minor squabble among a few climate research cognoscenti; they deny that they have allowed their young people to be educationally brainwashed about global warming; they deny that the science research community has been corrupted by their agenda-driven funding requirements; they deny that government science-related organizations, at their behest, have been acting as propagandists for eco-evangelistic causes; they deny that windfarms and solar power are environmentally damaging and uneconomic for baseload power generation; they continue to strive to deny public voice to independent scientific viewpoints on climate change; and, above all, they deny that they are wrong in their continued assertions that human-caused global warming is an identified and deadly danger.”

We love it! Almost as much as the undeniable Rodney Hide, who, no doubt caught up in Australia’s Mary MacKillop fever, waxes evangelical thus:

“It’s a very significant book. It will save countless lives. These would be the lives lost should the world’s poor be condemned to the grinding poverty implicit in the now world-wide political goal of dramatically curtailing the use of fossil fuels.”

Bob is the Messiah! What more could anyone say? Except, perhaps, his coauthors; and of course his good Friends the Friends of Science, the latest rise of whose pink line (have they been taking Viagra?) seems to deny the bit about the climate cooling…

Messiah deniers!