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Re: APEGGA Ignores its Duty Over Climate Change Misinformation, by Norm Kalmanovitch, P.Geoph., Readers’ Forum, The PEG, June 2011.

I can’t stand the guilt brought on by Mr. Kalmanovitch’s exposé of the climate change fraud. My entire career has been wasted. Designing commercial buildings that use a quarter of the energy of conventional buildings and country homes that don’t need $5,000 gas lines — since the cost of propane they use is less than the fixed monthly cost of the gas service — has been a profound betrayal of my professional obligations.

It’s time to cancel my membership in the American Society of Heating, Refrig- erating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, the largest engineering association in the world. ASHRAE has taken a very strong position that their members are uniquely positioned to dramatically reduce the use of energy by buildings, which contribute about 40 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in North America.

ASHRAE is also profoundly negligent in that it has not published a single letter attacking the science of climate change. No doubt the editors were influenced by the insignificant fact that the last time any- one counted there were more than 1,000 peer-reviewed articles in prestigious scientific journals supporting the science and zero taking the opposite view.

Perhaps the ASHRAE editors were deceived by The Merchants of Doubt, the meticulously researched book by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, about how the energy industry funded scientists to con- vince the public that climate change was a hoax. These are the same ones, it turns out, who told us cigarettes were safe. Perhaps they saw the CBC documentary The Denial Machine and the inability of the dean of climate change denial, Dr. Fred Singer, to remember funding received from Exxon.

They might even have read the court documents on DeSmogBlog that show Dr. Tim Ball, Dr. Singer’s biggest Canadian fan and the self-described “first Canadian climate scientist,” as having written a single peer-reviewed article on climate — a historical piece set in the fur trade days in Northern Canada.

It’s time to send the 70-m.p.g. smart car to the crusher and my bicycle back to the landfill from which it was rescued so I can participate in the epidemic of diabe- tes while supporting Big Pharma and Big Oil, the cornerstones our economy. The solar panels on our roof will have to go. So will our sailboat — to be replaced with a 20-gallons-per-hour powerboat.

We all have to do our part.

P.ENG. High River